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What You'll Get Inside

Podcast Launch Lab

Module 1

Knowing Your Avatar & Brand

Module 2

Crafting Your Podcast

Module 3

Studio Setup & Episode Content

Module 4

Interview Preparation

Module 5

Video & Audio Editing + Hosting

Module 6

Social Media & Podcast Website

Module 7

Podcast Blogs Using AI

Module 8

Weekly Newsletter & AI

Module 9

Building Your Community

Module 10

Staying Organised

Module 11

Part: 1

Module 12

Part: 2

Wait... There's More!

Bonus 1

Blogs for Your Business
Using AI

Bonus 2

Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet

Bonus 3

Hiring a Rockstar 


This Is The Same Step-By-Step Formula I Used To Go From 0 - $10k in Just 3 Months

Why Choose The Podcast Launch Lab

Master Podcasting

Learn all about podcasting, from setting it up to making it stand out. We cover everything, including smart ways to use AI to grab your audience's attention.

Support & Growth

You'll get weekly LIVE group calls and support from our private FB Group for 12 weeks, along with tips on everything from content creation to team building, helping your podcast grow.


Discover how to make money with your podcast through ads, sponsorships, and more. I'll show you how to start earning and keep your income growing.

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Kay Suthar

Kay Suthar, CEO and Founder of Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency, isn't just another podcasting expert.

She's revolutionizing the podcasting space by integrating AI technologies, pioneering a unique approach to community building. It’s about creating the perfect eco-system around your podcast that will not only turbo charge your visibility on a global scale but turn your podcast into a money making machine.

With a focus on future-proofing, Kay coaches on revolutionizing the way podcasts are launched, produced, and experienced, maximizes episode content, and leads the charge in building resilient communities.

If you're looking to navigate the next wave of podcasting, Kay's your compass.

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